Spring’s Prelude: Awakening Waters of the Toccoa River

March really shakes things up on the Toccoa River—it’s like the whole place wakes up.

The winter chill starts to ease off and spring starts creeping in, and let me tell you… it’s a great time to be fishing.

The water and air are warming up, and that brings on some killer insect hatches. We’re talking Blue Winged Olives, Caddis—you name it, making for some incredible fly fishing trips.

The river’s usually running just right, too—good for wading or floating, so you can get to all the best spots.

With all these bugs around, the trout get all riled up and ready to chomp on just about anything you throw at them. Now’s the time to break out a variety of dry flies and emergers. Throw some Elk Hair Caddis and Parachute Adams, sizes 14 to 18, and watch the magic happen.

Plus, the scenery’s on another level. Everything’s starting to green up, wildflowers popping up along the banks—it’s just beautiful. Makes the whole fishing experience even better.

If you head out on the Toccoa in March, you’ll notice the days getting longer, giving you more time to enjoy the river. You’ll also get a good mix of sunny and cloudy days, each bringing a different kind of fishing. Sunny days are perfect for hitting the deeper spots, while those cloudy skies can get the trout feeding right on the surface.

Spring really turns the Toccoa into a North Georgia fishing oasis, with loads of trout and some seriously amazing scenic views as the Blue Ridge starts to bloom.