Fishing Reports

blue ridge area & Toccoa River Fishing Reports

When you’re talking about chasing brown trout, there isn’t a better place than the Toccoa River in Georgia. Winding its way through the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, the river serves up some of the clearest, most inviting waters you can

When you step out into North Georgia, you’re stepping into some prime fishing country. We’re known for our clean air and great views of the mountains, and the rivers here are perfect for a day of fishing. It’s just the

As we welcome the chill of January along the Toccoa River, anglers find themselves in some of the most relaxing (and rewarding) fishing of the year. Despite the cold nipping at your nose, the river keeps flowing steady—perfect for us

Come February, the Toccoa River starts changing a bit. It’s subtle, but you’ll notice it. The water gets a touch warmer, and that’s enough to get those trout moving again after a cold winter. The river’s clear as glass, perfect

March really shakes things up on the Toccoa River—it’s like the whole place wakes up. The winter chill starts to ease off and spring starts creeping in, and let me tell you… it’s a great time to be fishing. The